T.REX Scout PRO Mount Adapter Overview

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T.REX Scout Pro Mount Adapter (00:00)
So we've got this nifty little thing on the website, but it's really only for one type of product and that is the new SureFire PRO series of weapon light. Now SureFire recently updated their lights and moved away from their standard two-hole pattern to instead use a single crossbolt with a hole to give you the swiveliness of their new lights. So essentially their M300s, their M600s now have the ability to swivel once you drop it onto a gun and get it in your desired position for light activation, or just getting it out of the way.

Now the problem is if you have aftermarket mounts out there for the traditional two-hole and you get the new SureFire PRO series of light, you're not gonna be able to mount that to your gun using that aftermarket mount that you might have bought, such as this Lightbar. So what you can do is you can buy the PRO adapter… PRO Scout Adapter. And what this is gonna do is this is going to use the traditional SureFire two-hole pattern. It's going to interface with whatever mount that you are using, so whether that is a Lightbar or you know, a BCM, one of those Gunfighter mounts or something like that. That will then give you the PRO hole that you need to interface with your 300, 600 series light, to be able to, you know, mount that on this particular accessory.

Installing on a Lightbar (01:23)
So let's go ahead and remove the standard M-LOK attachment here. And we will first—doesn't really matter which order you do this—I'm just going to mount the PRO adapter first to (and I just need to, yep, make sure I'm putting it on the right way that I want) but we are gonna mount the PRO adapter on first. So using the two screws that come with the Lightbar in this case. So now I have the adapter mounted.

So now I can take my M300 series PRO light. Drop the bolt down the center. Attach the head again. You only have to do this on the small body SureFires, needing to remove the head so the bolt can be removed. On the larger ones, you won't have that problem. So now I have the PRO light mounted to the Lightbar. So, and in this case, I wanted to run the Lightbar because I have a suppressed MK18 right here, and I want to push the light further out to prevent suppressor shadow. And by also pushing the light out further, I can have it on the left side of the gun, which I personally prefer when it is possible to keep all the weight on the same side as my support hand.

So now we're gonna take the Lightbar. So we've got the Lightbar firmly mounted. And as you can see, now, I can swivel the SureFire using the PRO style of mount. I can swivel it more to this center of the Lightbar. I could swivel it more to the upwards position. I wanna make sure though that that is not blocking the illuminator on my PEQ-15, which in this case, it shouldn't too much.

So we are gonna go ahead and mount it more to the top side of the Lightbar itself. So now all I have to do is get in here with the flathead screwdriver and tighten the center bolt. And I'm good to go. And actually there's one thing to do. In this particular position, the push cap won't necessarily work. So we're going to add a standard rear host to accept a pressure pad, and I have velcro on the rail already. So then I can take my ST07, turn this to the center, and there we go. So I have my SureFire pushed out so that I'll have minimal suppressor shadow. I've got a pressure pad ready to go for activating the light. And I could still use our Lightbar with this new style of PRO light.

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