Light-Compatible Raptor

1-3 weeks

This version of the Raptor is an innovative solution for carrying a firearm with a weapon light inside-the-waistband (AIWB). It features variable retention, so you can customize the draw to your exact preference. The holster includes mounting holes for two different attachment clips, both of which are included. The clips mount with zero cant, optimized for appendix carry. The Light-Compatible Raptor is compatible with our Raptor Claw accessory which makes appendix-carrying of this holster more concealable. The claw can be removed for more comfortable 3-6 o’clock carry. A Raptor Claw, IWB Quick Clip, and IWB Tuckable Clip are included with this holster.

For the non-light-compatible-version of this holster (for guns without weapon lights),  click here


Adjustable Retention

Two retention screws can be tightened or loosened to customize the holster's retention to the user's preference.

Reddot Compatibility

We can make this holster compatible with reddot optics. Just select "Optic Cut: Yes" and we'll do the rest.

Tuckable Clip Ride Height

The tuckable IWB clip can be re-positioned to customize the ride height of the handgun.

Enlarged Opening

This holster features an enlarged opening making re-holstering easier under stress.

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