Medical Device Authorization

The FDA regulates the sale of some medical devices, requiring users to have authorization for its use.

Ensuring medical supervision and/or authorization is the sole responsibility of the purchaser.

By purchasing the medical device sold here you certify either: (i) you are licensed for such a purchase, or (ii) you are operating under the supervision and direction of an individual licensed to purchase such medical devices (e.g., a medical director). If you are purchasing on behalf of an entity (e.g., EMS) you further certify you are authorized to purchase such medical devices.

Proper use of medical devices is absolutely critical. We strongly recommended that you seek appropriate training for the equipment you plan on purchasing and using.

By purchasing medical devices from us the customer represents and warrants that all individuals using products purchased from T.REX ARMS are adequately trained and experienced in their use, and the Customer will cause the use of such products to be according to manufacturer instructions and in accord with current standards of care applicable thereto.

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