Sidecar Tourniquet Attachment Overview

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Video Transcript

So my favorite Sidecar accessory is the tourniquet holder. The tourniquet holder is a little bit different because it is not made out of Kydex. It is made out of a flexible nylon material called Biothane that gives us a very flexible package with elastic that holds it together. It's extremely comfortable to carry. And it's easy to draw, which I'll show you in a minute. But what it's not so easy is to install it. Because these little rubber teeth are wanting to be flat, it takes a little bit of extra effort to poke this pin in all the way. You have to manually line up a couple of these little teeth as you go. Alright. So there we go. And even though it's not super easy to put together, it is very easy to use the gripper tab to pull the elastic out of the way. And as soon as you are clear of the elastic, it comes out really easily.

Now it can be a little bit challenging to reload the tourniquet carrier, but there aren't going to be as many scenarios where you need to really rapidly install a tourniquet as quickly deploy it. So I think that that is probably okay. And it's a pretty versatile holder. It can carry a whole bunch of other things as well. If you have any questions about this product or other things that you can run inside of the tourniquet carrier, don't hesitate to talk to the customer service guys [email protected] and they'll help you out.