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Every once in a while we get presented with some pretty cool opportunities here at T.REX ARMS. And one of those was working with EOTECH to come out with a brand new model of EXPS3. This is the EXPS3-1. Now, some of you guys may understand already about the EOTECH line of products. Most of their optics come in a "-0", which is their standard 65/68 MOA ring reticle with the center 1 MOA dot. They have other optics that have multiple dots for different holds, you know, depending on, you know, what kind of ammo or what kind of weapon you're using. And then they also have the "-1" model for the XPS2 that just has the center 1 MOA dot. Now this is really nice if you want the clear glass of the EOTECH, but you don't necessarily want the busyness of that donut of death that, you know, that bullseye ring around the center optic. And we thought, "Hey, it'd be really cool if we could get the EXPS line," which is their lower third that comes with the built-in QD, but with the center 1 MOA dot for use with magnifiers and just having that really crisp image to shoot with under night vision. So we worked with EOTECH to bring that to market. And here's what you get when you purchase one of these suckers.

So you get the EOTECH Pelican, just like you would get with any other EOTECH out there. You get the manuals, the stickers, if you're into that kind of thing, if you like reading manuals. You have the optic, which again, it's their standard EXPS with the QD lever, sits at lower third, which is a really nice height. Absolute is great on certain kinds of weapons out there, the XPS line, you know, if you're using it on a Gaili or something like that or on a 416. But on any normal AR-15 or MCX or something like that, boosting it up a little bit is really nice. You still have the night vision compatibility, which drops the brightness immediately down into a night vision setting so that you have a really crisp image and it's not blooming under nods. And then you have your up and your down for brightness right underneath that. Included is a battery, which is already in the optic. So all you have to do is hit the ON button and you are good to go.

I do recommend when you are mounting this to your rifle, depending on the tolerances of your upper receiver or depending on what gun out there—when you are mounting this to your particular rifle, this one has a PRI riser on it, you want to ensure that the QD lever is pretty tight when you're actually closing it on the rail. So right now, I can already tell this is a little looser than I would like. So all I'm gonna do is take a flathead screwdriver, in this case, this multi-tool, and I'm just going to turn this clockwise. We'll do three clicks. And I just wanna ensure that when I am mounting this—so I mount it to the rail, shove it forward in the section, Picatiny section—when I go to actually close it, it is a pretty tight fit. This will help eliminate any sort of wobble or anything going on with it and just ensure that it's a nice tight fit to the weapon. And now I'm ready to go out there and zero this for my 50/200 meter zero, my 100 meter zero, my 36—whatever it happens to be. And I have that really nice center 1 MOA dot for crispness with a magnifier under night vision. And so if you're into that kind of optic, you don't necessarily like the bullseye donut of death, now there is an EOTECH EXPS model that you can look into.

If you have any other questions about this particular optic or it's compatibility with different rails or magnifiers or other equipment out there, go ahead and email us at [email protected].