Multiple Configuration Options for AC1 and Chest Rig

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Video Transcript

Configuration 1 (00:00)
So I've got my AC1 right here, set up pretty slick, with just the shingle.

Configuration 2 (00:05)
Mayflower chest rig set up with our back strap.

Configuration 3 (00:13)
AC1 with the shingle removed but wearing the Velocity Mayflower chest rig directly on top. With the back strap adjusted in the back still giving me that stretch. And the small Velcro panel on the chest rig engaged and sitting on top of the AC1 Velcro.

Configuration 4 (00:34)
So now I've got the Velocity Mayflower chest rig tied directly into the AC1. Added the QASM buckles for it to clip into. There's a little patch of Velcro that's adhering to the front of the AC1 as well. And then to keep the sides tamed to the plate carrier, I've got our Y strap adapter going to a back strap, our back strap as well. You can use a standard chest rig back strap for this obviously. And that is routed underneath the AC1 rear flap to protect it, keep it all contained. So now I've eliminated that chest rig harness, which I mean that whole system works really well wearing a chest rig top of a plate carrier, especially if it can Velcro a little bit to the plate carrier. But now I've removed all that unnecessary bulk that I don't need. Have this directly tied into the carrier.

And this whole thing right here is, has, and still is kind of my favorite all around setup. I have an AC1 I can tailor to slick minimalist nothing, low viz whatever. Chest rig I can wear on its own. I can wear the chest rig on top of the plate carrier when it's slick, or I can tie the chest rig into the plate carrier for something a little more, let's say optimal, I guess you could say. So I've got four different options in just two products. It's pretty rad.