Handheld Lights vs. Weapon Lights

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Video Transcript

Introduction (00:00)
So, this is my EDC right here. I have a Glock 19 with an RMR and a Streamlight TLR-7, which I have recently switched to using quite a lot. I still use the X300, but I like the TLR-7 a lot. It's a little more comfortable. I have the SureFire EDCL2 as my handheld. And I'm a big proponent of people carrying handhelds because seeing is pretty rad. I'm not gonna pull my pistol out to use the flashlight, just to find something or look for things. Although I know we've all done that at some point in our lives around our house or something like that. But I use this sucker every day, all the time, and I can legally use this in public without committing misdemeanors, pulling my pistol out to use the flashlight. So I highly recommend a handheld.

Demo: Shooting with Handheld vs. Weapon Light (00:38)
However, there are some considerations. Even though I have a pistol light on this weapon, I'm still gonna carry a handheld. Just because I have a handheld, I'm not gonna ditch my pistol light on my pistol. And I wanna do a little demo for you guys. Speed and marksmanship, running the light on my pistol versus just running my handheld.

Handheld Demo (00:55)
We'll start with the handheld. This is five rounds at right about 16, 17 yards, something like that. So it's not too bad on a SFAUC target. From the draw. I'm gonna draw both my handheld and my pistol. So one hand on this one hand on the gun. I can either do a Harries grip, which is actually the best for maintaining consistent rise and fall of my optic, at least in my opinion, or I can go umbrella over the top. For this, I'll go umbrella over the top and we'll see what happens. Five rounds. Then we'll go up and check it. Flashlight. Good to go. Pistol. Good to go. Stand by.

All right. So. (I won't tack mag…) So that was in a very conservative time of 5.32. Nice and slow. And what we got here. Sharpie. We have Charlie, Alpha, Alpha, Alpha, Delta. Ooh. So three Alphas. Three Alphas, a Charlie, and a Delta in 5.32. Now let's do pistol light. And my first shot—let's check out the first shot—cause that that is important… 2.05. So from draw to shot, we're looking at a 2.05. Not great, not great at all.

Weapon Light Demo (02:16)
So now I'm just gonna draw and run the TLR-7, same distance. Let's do this. Standby. All right. I have one Charlie on the left and possibly could be a Delta, it was my second round. That was in a time of 3.03 with a first shot in a 1.48. So I'm six-tenths faster going straight to my pistol and my light. Check these heats. Where's my Sharpie. Here it is. We have, oh, lookie there. Alpha, Alpha, Alpha, Alpha, Alpha, Alpha. Okay. I ain't seeing nothing else in here. So it's a nice little group right here. That's actually too nice for how fast I was shooting. I should be, well, I should be shooting faster, is what I really should be doing.

Consider Carrying Both (03:14)
So I hope this is a useful demo for you guys who are like, "Oh man, just because I have a handheld, I don't need to carry a pistol light." The answer is you should definitely consider it. Whether you're, you know, carrying a handheld and then you don't have a pistol light, or maybe you have a pistol light, but you don't have a handheld. Having both options is great. I can see things without committing a misdemeanor. If I have to shoot, I can then run my pistol light, which is totally awesome and a whole lot faster and more effective.