How to Install MOLLE Accessories

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Video Transcript

There are a lot of folks out there that don't understand how MOLLE / PALS webbing works. So I want to cover real quick kind of how it works, because if you don't set this up properly, you're going to have pouches on your kit that are flopping all over the place and you're just going to have stuff that can potentially fall off.

So this is a Tactical Tailor, a little smoke grenade pouch, but it really doesn't matter what this is. And what you have on the back of this particular pouch are two strips of MOLLE, which is this little webbing. That's about a three-quarter spacing and there are slots. (I don't know if this is too loud…) There are these little slots so that the MALICE clip or the MOLLE webbing can weave through, which you then use to attach to your MOLLE or your PALS piece of equipment. So in this case, an Orion belt that has laser-cut MOLLE.

Another more traditional MOLLE sort of method—you actually have pouches with the MOLLE attachment hard sewn into the product itself. So in this case, this is an old Eagle yolk pack. And as you can see, I've got… pull this all the way through… I have this long MOLLE strand, which I use to put this backpack on top of a MOLLE plate carrier. Now, if I don't actually weave this through the MOLLE on both the plate carrier and the backpack itself, my entire bag is going to sit off from my plate carrier or potentially come undone. So something that I see a lot of people do, they'll sweep into this first MOLLE webbing, they'll go into the plate carrier one, and then they will just skip everything down to the bottom, which results in basically this on your kit on your back. So to get MOLLE to work properly, it's actually got to swim and actually weave through both pieces of gear. And a lot of people are lazy. They don't do it because it's really hard.

So I want to show you guys how that works. So here's another example. This is a pouch for the RAID-X that I got and the two MOLLE attachment little webbing strips are hard sewn into the product. There's a lot of stuff that still has that. So Tactical Tailor's smoke grenade pouch. I'm going to weave into the top of this Orion. And instead of just going straight to here and coming out and cheating, which would result in this pouch wanting to kind of pooch out and not be attached I'm going to sweep back into here into the middle. And then sweep back through the next row of MOLLE right here. So as you can see now, it's actually attached through here, attached back to the gear, attached back to the belt, and then attached back to the gear. Then I sweep it into the receptacle of the MALICE clip, making sure it clicks so it doesn't come undone.

And that is how I can get a MOLLE pouch actually fused to a piece of gear, if I actually swim it through and make it attach. So when you're setting up your MOLLE gear, make sure you're properly attaching it to your kit. You wouldn't believe how many people I run across in classes—military, LE, and whatnot—who buy a pouch online, like these Esstacs or something. They literally just kind of weave it through and they don't attach to the belt properly or their plate carrier properly. And then the entire pouch can shift around and move all over the place. That's not a good way of setting up kit. There's also the chance of it potentially jettisoning and just flying off. So make sure you properly attach your MOLLE gear and actually utilize the weaving on both the piece of gear itself, the plate carrier, chest rig or belt, and the pouch itself.