T.REX Chameleon Variable Threat System

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Putting hits on a target is easy – you simply point and shoot. But positively identifying a threat isn’t so easy, and it’s a skill rarely exercised in the training world. This is largely due to a lack of appropriate training tools. Most shoot/no-shoot scenarios and CQB training relies on repetitive paper targets. The same bad guys. The same good guys. The same hostages. In the same poses, wearing the same clothes, and using the same weapons.

This repetition creates a major problem: it trains students to react to targets based on memory instead of visual analysis of the data. Reacting to a target imprinted on our minds is not effective target processing, and when this training deficiency mixes with real world situations, the consequences can be tragic. Standards must be raised.

This is why we developed the Chameleon Variable Threat System. These fully randomized humanoid paper targets ensure that students will never see the same target twice. Effectively identifying threats based on visual criteria is a skill that every armed citizen needs to master, whether civilian, military, or law enforcement. The Chameleon is the next generation of target identification training for Live-Fire and Simunition scenarios.

Our In-stock targets are available in two options: a tube of 25 all-threat targets, and a tube of 13 threat and 12 non-threat targets (50/50).

Our Chameleon targets are generated using 3D models and a customized animation rig for realistic poses, objects, and textures, supporting an incredibly wide array of randomized target variables:

  • Thousands of unique poses: Specific body language, weapon manipulations, hostage takers, hostages, neutral poses, non-weapon actions, traps, and threats.
  • Dozens of clothing styles with infinite color variations and insignia, and random glasses, hats, and mask combinations, as well as various law enforcement uniforms.
  • Thousands of combinations of hair and beard styles, with infinite hair colors and lengths.
  • Custom tattoo library, skin aging, and infinite body types and skin tones.
  • Parametrically-driven facial features and facial expression system.
  • A large library of realistically detailed long guns, handguns, melee weapons, tools, non-weapon items, body armor, bomb vests, etc.
  • Randomized camera angles from the front, back, and side, adding further variation to the pose library.

For each category of target, we are rendering tens of thousands of unique images. It will now be impossible to memorize the targets in a shoot house; every target is a completely different image of a unique person that will need to be analyzed every time.

On top of each unique target image we’ve placed a simple two-part scoring zone which is invisible at distance. These hitboxes are calculated in true 3D space to take actual vital organs and skeletal systems into account, and are occluded by the target’s own limbs and objects.

The final product is printed on a standard 24” x 36” sheet of matte 20lb paper, with additional 3” and 5” utility targets for other drills, and with corner target description text so trainers can easily find the targets they need for a given scenario.

CUSTOM ORDERS (Minimum Quantity 2,000)
The Chameleon System can also create larger, fully customized orders. These Bulk orders can be made up of any percentages of any target type, threat category, and camera angle. The options you can choose are:

Target TypesThreat CategoriesNon-Threat CategoriesCamera Angle
Body Armor Man*
Undercover LEO*
Uniformed LEO*
Faceless Humanoid

*coming soon
Long Gun
Hand Gun
Melee Weapon
Bomb Vest*
Hostage Taker
Neutral Pose
Submissive Pose
Non-Weapon Objects

Contact [email protected] for more information about customized targets solutions and to place a custom order.

Additional options include randomly-generated hard cover and concealment, in-reach items, and more. The variety of options available allow trainers to set up any scenario, and the highly detailed characteristics of targets allow for additional training opportunities such as graded after-action reports, suspect descriptions, and weapon identification.

Most importantly, Chameleon targets allow you to combat training complacency. The targets force students to be on their A-Game every time a target presents itself – eliminating the complacency of decision-making based on subconscious target memory.

Why are these targets so expensive?
Because of the extensive software development required to create the Chameleon, and the unconventional printing process we have to use to print random targets. Printing a single target by the thousands is relatively easy and cost-effective, printing thousands of unique targets requires a special process we had to develop in-house. These aren’t targets to blow through by the dozens on the range. Purposeful training is key.

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