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T.REX Loot Bag


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No one actually asked for an overbuilt, made-in-the-USA, 500D IR-reducing CORDURA sling bag with a built-in signaling panel, a hydration bladder strap, and a heavy-duty mesh pocket. Weird flex if you ask me–but here I am writing a product description for one… Anyway, this sling bag is incredibly sturdy and well-built, and while it may not be for everyone, it makes a great everyday or gym bag, especially if you like supporting American-made products and you’re not going for the “greyman” aesthetic (please stop).

Please note: Loot NOT included. Must be looted separately.


One (1x) T.REX Loot Bag; one (1x) sense of American Made Superiority™

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  • OneWrap retaining strap for hydration bladder
  • High-vis orange interior divider panel doubles as a signal panel
  • Simple strap design allows for tying off at your desired length, and minimalistic strap pads add some level of basic comfort
  • Great for Tactical Sustainment Missions (TSMs) to your local Trader Joe’s or Costco
  • Adds at least 50lbs to your Bench Press max

Made in the USA.


Capacity14 liters
Dimensions (W x H)13″ x 17″
Strap Length26″
Loop field13″ x 1″ to 4″
Mesh pocket13″ x 5.5″ to 8.5″
Weight8.5 oz.
What is “14-liter capacity” in real-world terms?
You can fit approximately 11 bottles of water, 14 cans of Reign, or 8 jars of peanut butter in this bag.

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