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What is METT-TC Part 6: Civil Considerations + (Information)

If you’ve made it this far, consider me impressed. METT-TC is not the coolest topic, but I hope that this series of articles accomplished one of the following for you: 1. You developed an introductory understanding of METT-TC and are starting to see how you could apply it.2. If you were already familiar with METT-TC, […] Keep Reading

What is METT-TC Part 5: Troops & Time Available

We’ve worked through Mission, Enemy, Terrain, and Weather, and now we are going to cover the next two mission variables: 1) Troops & Fire Support Available and 2) Time Available. Troops & Fire Support Available (METT-TC) In What is METT-TC Part 3: Enemy we looked at analyzing your enemy’s capabilities and limitations. This step is […] Keep Reading

What is METT-TC Part 4: Terrain and Weather

This month, Michael works through the first T in METT-TC using the acronym KOCOA-W. Check out the article below for an in-depth breakdown of each of the KOCOA-W elements as well as resources for further reading. Terrain and Weather (METT-TC) Terrain and weather considerations highlight the need to apply mission variables to both your plan […] Keep Reading

What is METT-TC Part 3: Enemy

Michael continues his series on METT-TC, this time covering E in further detail. Three applicable acronyms here are SALUTE, DRAW-D, and EMLCOA. Check out the article below to get a breakdown on each as well as some other considerations to take into account when analyzing the Enemy. Enemy (METT-TC) Much can be written about the […] Keep Reading

What is METT-TC Part 2: Mission

Mission (METT-TC) We are now diving into each mission variable of METT-TC, starting with the M. In this video, my intent is to drive home the point that METT-TC is not a decision-making tool to influence gear setups or loadouts, but it is a tool to influence the actions you will be taking. It is […] Keep Reading

What is METT-TC Part 1: Introduction

At this point, you have likely seen or heard the term METT-TC (pronounced met-tee-cee). Most people understand that it is a mnemonic/acronym used by the military, but aren’t sure what it stands for, why it exists, or when to use it. This article is a brief introduction and primer on METT-TC and why it is […] Keep Reading