Sig Sauer TANGO6T 1-6X24mm DVO Overview

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It is always incredibly based when firearms companies decide to sell whatever they're selling to the government, to the people. In this case, we have the SIG TANGO6T contract scope that they are making for a variety of SOCOM entities and military folks out there. It's a 1-6 LPVO with a BDC based reticle around I'm going to assume M855A1. I would like to confirm that though, and we may have that here on this product page.

But the nice thing about this particular product is it comes fully built, fully assembled, ready to take out of the box and mount on the rifle of your choice. Could be a shorty gun, although the BDC wouldn't align super well. This probably needs to, or would be most optimal on a gun with a 14.5" barrel, 16" barrel shooting 5.56 ammunition. This does have the DWLR6-556 specific reticle. Obviously you could use it for 7.62. It goes down to 800 meters. There's a little bit less wind dots compared to the standard DWLR6 but this is, you know, built and specified to be used with 5.56 rounds, which is probably what most of you're using.

It is important to note though, just for you guys, these will come in different anodized colors. Doesn't look like the contract specifies anything too wild, unless these are the blems that are too dark or too bright. In this case, this is a very dark brown compared to this other one that I purchased a while ago. So there will be some discrepancy in the anodized color for both the mounts and the scopes themselves. But who cares? There's always spray paint if you, you know, really care that much.

As far as what else is included with this optic… There's also a killflash, which is pretty nifty, that screws right onto the front. All you have to do is remove the scope cap. Slides right off. And then this is going to screw, there are threads inside of, on the inside edge of the TANGO6T. You are simply then going to screw the killflash on. You're gonna have that nice little honeycomb texture. I will say the honeycomb texture on this particular optic is much more spaced out. So you don't see it as badly on one power compared to other killflashes on other types of optics that I have used. And then I can take my scope cover and I can literally slap that back on. And the overall length of the scope will be a little bit longer. Got that little snoot in the front. But I'm ready to go.

There's also a…included in this bag, there's also a throw lever if that's something that you want to do. It's a three position throw lever, so you can have it on one side, in the center, or on the inside side. And there's also a lens brush if that's something that you're into for cleaning your optics if you don't already have a bunch of 'em from buying other optics.

So, not sure how often we'll be able to keep this item stocked. These are contract overruns, or according to SIG, they're contract overruns. It's possible that they're just making a little bit of extra to give to the civilian market and I'm good with that. I think that's really cool. Like I said at the beginning, I really like when companies do military contract overruns. Not just for the cloners out there, but also, you know, hey, this is what some military folks wanted for their guys. And there's probably some good reasons for that. There could also be some bad reasons potentially if it's, you know, like a budget type optic or it's like the cheapest thing that they could get their hands on for that contract. But but I still think it's very cool nonetheless. And this is a high quality product, which is why we are selling it.

If you have any other questions about the TANGO6T in general or about this specific contract scope, go ahead and email us at [email protected].