Malfunction Clearing With a B.A.D. Lever

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Video Transcript

For a lot of different malfunctions out there, you typically have to lock the bolt to the rear to clear things out. It could be a brass over bolt. It could be a double feed potentially. And so normally speaking, when you wanna lock your bolt to the rear, you are going to have to (I prefer to dismount the gun) work the charging handle with my right hand while hitting the ping-pong paddle, bolt-release, slide-bolt, slide-lock—Whatever terms they use nowadays—to actually lock the bolt in place. I can then karate chop to get rid of stuff that might be caught up underneath, if it's a brass over bolt malfunction or I can work the charging handle to get things cleared out from the breach. The nice thing with a B.A.D. lever (the Magpul B.A.D. lever) A nice little accessory comes in here underneath the trigger guard is I can manipulate my bolt-release, slide-lock, Slide-stop, (whatever you wanna call it) with one hand without dismounting the gun. So in this case, I have a double feed. So all I have to do to begin clearing this out is literally pull the B.A.D. lever towards me. Charging handle goes to the rear

Bolt is now locked. Stripped the magazine removed the source of feed. Both rounds now just magically fell out. I can now do my three racks of the charging handle if I want to be all proper, but I also just saw a bunch of crap fall out. I can now insert the magazine and guess what? Because I have the B.A.D. lever right here. I can go ahead and send the bolt home, take a shot. And I'm good to go. If I clear out the malfunction like normally this is what it's gonna look like, and I'm doing my thing. I get a stoppage with a B.A.D. lever

Can be a little bit faster. So that's one thing. That's really nice about the B.A.D. lever. It's not necessarily just for super speedy reloads, but it can also be used for that malfunction clearing, just getting the bolt locked. Especially if you're working a brass over bolt malfunction just makes things a little bit easier. So definitely consider it as an upgrade. It will only work on a MIL-SPEC bolt release. So if you have like a Geissele Maritime or a bunch of other aftermarket that is not going to work very well. And then if you don't like it, you can give it to someone or you can just set it aside. It's like $25. And if you ND with these you suck, I've never ND-ed with a B.A.D. lever. Just be careful understand that it sits here in the front of the trigger guard. Don't be a moron and you'll be fine. It'll just be alright.