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The T.REX TRAAP takes inspiration from the well-known Tactical Assault Panel, commonly called the TAP. We took this well-vetted design, scaled it down a little, modernized it, and made a few quality-of-life improvements to bring the TAP up to par with modern equipment.

Instead of the seven mag pouches on the TAP, the TRAAP features a smaller 6-mag footprint to reduce weight and overall size to something more manageable. We also reworked the admin pouch, adding a removable zipper insert and an internal mesh divider for more organization. Another central point of improvement is in the harness itself, replacing the original TAP Y harness with our H harness, which has some more modern features while offering extra comfort and more load-bearing capability. Like our Quad Flap, the TRAAP comes with our Back Strap and features multiple backstrap attachment points, offering more tunability.

The inside of the TRAAP magazine pouches are loop-lined, making them compatible with Esstac KYWI inserts and our Individual Item Flap, offering the end-user three different retention methods depending on personal preferences. The TRAAP also features standard buckle spacing and a rear loop field to be attached to most plate carriers or run a dangler-style pouch, like our MED-H or Wallaby; when not in use on a plate carrier, a simple Cordura panel is used to cover the hook field.


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  • 1x T.REX TRAAP Chest Rig
  • 1x T.REX H-Harness
  • 1x T.REX Back Strap
  • 1x TRAAP Zipper Insert
  • 1x Hook/Loop Cover Panel
  • 8x Pull Tabs

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  • Rear Velcro hook field and properly spaced buckles for attaching to most industry standard plate carriers. This Velcro field also allows the use of dangler pouches. Comes standard with a Cordura backer.
  • Features 6 loop-lined magazine pouches compatible with Tall Esstac KYWI Inserts. The center 4 pouches are compatible with our Individual Item Pouch Flap.
  • Two general-purpose pouches behind the outermost magazine pouches for radios, tourniquets, extra mags, or similarly sized items.
  • Built-in admin pouch with removable zipper for maps, notebooks, signal panels, or any other flat items.
  • Two optional backstrap locations to better tailor the rig to your body. This also makes it compatible with the T.REX Back Strap Y Adapter, but that may affect pack usage.
  • There are 14 columns of MOLLE total, with 8 columns in the middle featuring a MOLLE/loop combination for hook-based pouches, patches, or flaps.


  • One-piece H-Strap design eliminates overlap, reducing hotspots.
  • 3-position adjustable QASM buckles to position the H-Strap properly, depending on your body type. The H-Strap should be positioned across your shoulder blades, not up near your neck. This will keep the straps from falling off your shoulders.
  • Underarm straps are adjustable with an ITW Ladderloc buckle and a triglide to lock the adjustment.
  • One size fits most users.
  • 2″ x 10 3/4″ rear Velcro loop field for ID panels or patches.
  • Compatible with most chest rigs and placards that use standard 1″ hardware.
  • 2 elastic loops, 2 webbing loops, and 2 sewn-in one-wrap loops for PTT mounting and cable management solutions.


  • 1.5″ Webbing design with elastic loops to aid in breathability.
  • Highly adjustable from 43 inches all the way down to 7.5 inches.
  • Quick-adjust triglide to account for different clothing and conditions.

Made in the USA.


Dimensions (LxH)21″ x 6.5″ (9″ at Admin Pouch)
Front Loop Field (LxH)12″ x 5″ (8 MOLLE Columns Wide, 5 Rows Tall)
MOLLE Overall: 14 Columns Wide, 5 Rows Tall
Loop Section: 8 Columns Wide. 5 Rows Tall
Admin Pouch WidthNo Zipper: 11″
Zipper: 10″
Admin Pouch Depth No Zipper: 7″
Zipper: 8″

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  • 1x AR-15/M4 STANAG magazine
  • 1x AR/M4 PMAGS, all generations
  • 1x 30rd 5.56×45 AK magazine
  • 1x 30th 5.45×39 AK magazine
  • 1x 30rd 7.62×39 AK magazine
  • 2x MP5 Magazines


  • Military style radios (PRC-152, PRC-148, MPU5, etc)
  • Civilian radios
  • Water bottles
  • Kestrel ballistics meter
  • Smoke grenades
  • Handheld rangefinders
  • Anything roughly the size of one 5.56 PMAG

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