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Real Avid 4-IN-1 Tool for Glock


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The Real Avid 4-IN-1 Glock Tool is a handy thing to have in your range bag or on your kit. It features a 3mm pin punch, a flat blade screwdriver, a .050mm Allen wrench, and a Glock front sight tool. All of these tools fold up inside the body, making a small, lightweight package that offers a lot of functionality.



One 4-in-1 Glock multitool including a 3mm pin punch; 3/16 Hex driver (front sight tool); flat blade screwdriver; .050″ Allen wrench

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  • 3mm armorer’s pin punch fits all Glock pin sizes 
  • Flat blade screwdriver (for prying slide lock spring & locking block) 
  • .050″ Allen wrench (for adjusting aftermarket rear sights) 
  • Magnetic 3/16″ Hex driver fits stock & aftermarket front sights 
  • Push button release for snap-open tools 
  • Ergonomic frame stores all 4 tools 

Made in China.

View the User Manual HERE.


Length3.5 in.
Width1.05 in.
Height0.85 in.
Weight 1.7 oz (50 g)

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