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T.REX Sling


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Having a sling on your rifle is one of the most important attachments one can own. But not all slings are made equal – some are more modular and comfortable and effective than others. Our T.REX ARMS sling includes a rapid-adjust feature which can be configured in two different ways depending on the shooter’s preference. It can be configured to tighten when the 500D Laminate pull-tab is pulled forward (standard) or backward (reverse). The padded area also makes it comfortable, preventing it from digging into the neck of the shooter during rifle-to-pistol transitions or when stowing your rifle to the side/rear.

Two shock cord Sling Keepers come standard with every sling. These can be wrapped around your rail or stock at various points and then used to stage the sling in a compact fashion against your rifle. It solves the problem of having a loose sling dangling around when the rifle is packed in a bag or case or vehicle. Stage it so when you’re ready to deploy the sling, all you have to do is pull it out and throw it on. Simple, easy, effective.

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One T.REX ARMS Sling; two ITW triglides, and two Sling Keepers.



  • ITW Nexus hardware
  • Low profile and easily stowable while retaining padding for comfort
  • Can be set up for standard or “reverse” throw
  • Included sling keepers keep the sling tight to your rifle when not in use

Made in the USA.

WebbingMil-Spec A-A-55301 Type 3, Solution Dyed
Maximum Useable Length~ 66.5 in.
Minimum Useable Length~ 35.5 in. (8 inches of adjustment left)
Padding Dimensions (LxW)21 in. x 1.5 in.
Padding Thickness 0.2 in.
Weight (without attachments)3.3 oz

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How do I attach this sling to my rifle?
No mounting attachments are included, but the sling’s open-end design will accommodate all the major mount attachments. We prefer Clash Hooks or QD’s from Magpul or BCM. Check out our help article here for an overview of all the mounting options we carry.

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How do I attach this sling to my rifle? – Help – T.REX ARMS

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