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Magpul GL Enhanced Magazine Well for Glock


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Upgrading your Glock with a magwell will help guide a fresh magazine into your handgun, making reloads just a little more forgiving. This particular magwell is useful because of its low-profile, minimalist design which gives you all the benefits of a more consistent reload while not causing your gun to print as much when carrying concealed. If you have bigger hands, it can also give you a bit of a ledge on the 19 and keep your pinky from slipping off the grip. But, don’t forget that mastery of fundamentals is really what matters for reloads.


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One Magpul GL Enhanced Magazine Well for Glock

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Optimized for use with standard capacity Glock factory magazines, Magpul GL magazines, and a variety of aftermarket floorplates and extensions that are available for both. Recent generations of reduced capacity (10 round) factory Glock magazines have several dimensional differences which may interfere with magwells. Some large aftermarket floorplates may also interfere.

Gen 4 magwells are not compatible as delivered out of the box with optional factory Glock Modular Back Straps. While end user modification is minor and may be attempted, it is taken at the user’s risk.

Made in the USA.

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My magazine sticks when I release it. Why?
It’s likely getting hung up on the little ledge that these magwells sometimes have. It’s an easy fix though—just use some sandpaper to remove that extra material and you should be back in business.
Will my Gen 5 Glock magazines work with these?
Negatory. The basepad angles up and hits the magwell, so it doesn’t fit.

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Magpul products cannot be shipped outside of the US.

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Magpul GL Enhanced Magazine Well for Glock Overview – Video – T.REX ARMS

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