Hard Target Focus vs. Front Sight Focus with Irons

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20M Hard Target Focus vs. Front Sight Focus (0:00)
All right. So that was a 4.71. All right. So what I have just done—that was a 3.50—is I just shot two targets here at 20 meters. One with a hard front sight focus, which is typically the most traditional out there for pistol shooting. And then the one in the middle is gonna be a hard target focus. Now I like to do hard target focus for a lot of reasons. One, I can actually focus on the target and what the target's, you know, potentially doing. It's a little bit more accurate when it comes to shooting distance because I'm not covering up the entire target with my front sight post. Soon as I go back to, like, it's like 35 meters or something, I'm not seeing the target at all. This thing is totally covering the target up. But if I do a hard target focus, I'm focusing on the target intently.

Hard Target Focus vs. Front Sight Focus Explanation (00:50)
You know, like if I was running a red dot and then I bring the pistol to my vision, and I'm still aligning my sights, they're blurry, but they are together because I have consistent fundamentals. I can take accurate shots just fine with a hard target focus, and it's gonna be faster because I'm not having to shift my focus back and forth from the target to the sight, target to the sight. I can just go target, and I can literally let the gun rip, and it's just fine. If I'm up close, it's also faster. Especially on moving targets. I don't have to worry about shifting focus in and out in and out in and out. I can literally just focus on the target, present the pistol. I can see all the white together of these stock sights, and I can literally just run the target just fine.

So if you're an iron sight shooter because you're poor and you haven't bought a red dot yet. Yeah. Just kidding. Iron sights are still, you know, they're okay. They're pretty cool. Definitely try hard target focus. It does take a lot of time to get used to. I do it so much now that I actually have a hard time focusing back on a front sight post, like shooting this first target. I instinctively go to hard target focus on pretty much everything shooting with iron sights, and it's a, it's pretty awesome. So let's go check target to see what's going on. Aiming here with the stock Glock sights. I probably did not split the bottom of the circle 10%, which is what you're supposed to do with stock irons. So my fifth round is probably up here somewhere. So that's the group with hard front sight focus.

Hard target focus was a second faster. It was a little bit more centered, which is nice. We've got Charlie on the line, Charlie on the line two alpha right here, and then the fifth should be about right there. But it was a whole second faster, and that's pretty awesome. So now let's go ahead and do a close-range front sight focus versus a hard target and see what happens at seven meters,

7M Hard Target Focus vs. Front Sight Focus (2:27)
Alright, a 1.79 hard front sight focus, five rounds. Hard target. 1.76. About the same time, hard target focus. Five alphas. No problem. Hard front sight focus. Four alphas, a charlie. Again, coming up a little high, probably cuz I'm not splitting perfectly 10%, but I am doing that with my hard target focus. Which is kind of funny. That was, this was like a 1.76. I think that was a 1.70… Or 1.77, or 1.79, and that was a 1.76. So about the same time, little better hits, but can be done just fine.