Are Stock Glocks Good?

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All over the internet, you'll find people who say "stock Glocks are garbage". They'll say the sights are bad. The grip is bad. The Barrel's bad, and the trigger as well. But do most of the people stating these things actually shoot? As someone who shoots a lot every week and who shoots a lot of different kinds of pistols. I think stock Glocks are just fine for the majority of people. They're reliable, accurate, fast, and shoot a bullet. Ultimately that's most of us need a pistol. One that shoots a bullet accurately and reliably Every time we pull the trigger.

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With all this said, I'm a firm believer in good practical upgrades that can boost your effectiveness with your pistol. But it's important to remember that training and ammunition is gonna do more for you than the most bling upgrade you can buy. If somebody offered me a $3,000 Glock, but it didn't come with any proficiency or skill or a $500 Glock and $2,500 worth of ammo, which do you think I'd pick?

At the end of the day skill is where it's at. Not a fancy gun. Stock Glocks have been working effectively for law enforcement and special operations personnel for decades, and they will continue to do so. Consider good upgrades for your Glock, but ammo and training should take priority. Thanks for watching. My name is Lucas Botkin and I'm with T.REX ARMS.