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13.7 SCAR 17 Build

One of my more unique firearms is my 13.7 SCAR 17. Chopped and pin and welded by Parker Mountain Machine and Tool in NH. It features the Midwest Industries extended rail and a Geissele two stage Super SCAR trigger. While I’m not a HUGE fan of the SCAR platform, it’s my primary .308 gun right now. I run the Aimpoint T2 on this one since it’s more for running and gunning. I have another SCAR 17 I’ll detail in another post which is setup as a DMR with a Leupold MK8 CQBSS.

The T2 is on an absolute co-witness Scalarworks mount since the receiver on the SCAR is a bit taller than a standard AR.

It’s suppressed with a Surefire RC2 7.62 Mini. Which is the same size as a the 5.56 RC2. So not… super mini. I’ll be hanging onto this rifle for a while.

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SCAR 17 with Leupold MK8 CQBSS

Finding the right optic for a Scar 17 DMR build can be tricky. The Leupold MK8 CQBSS is a pretty awesome option. It’s also rated for the unique delayed Scar 17 recoil. The CQBSS is also pretty easy to run up close on 1.1 power.

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