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MapTools UTM/MGRS Protractor


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The MapTools UTM/MGRS Protractor is an enhanced version of the GTA 5-2-12 Coordinate Scale & Protractor used by the United States military. Compared to the original GTA tool, the material is thicker, and overall dimensions have been reduced, making it a stronger, easier-to-carry tool. This protractor features multiple map scales, including 1:24,000, which is one of the most common map scales found in the US.


One MapTools UTM/MGRS Protractor

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  • Features all four common map scales, 1:24,000, 1:25,000, 1:50,000, and 1:100,000
  • The tool is printed on plastic stock about the thickness and stiffness of a credit card, with a protective coating. It’s 33% thicker than the standard military-issue version, so it’s less likely to be bent or broken.
  • The rounded corners of the square GTA prevent it from wearing holes in your pockets.
  • Includes 1:24,000 scale for USGS 7.5-minute topographic maps and larger 1:50,000 and 1:100,000 scale rulers for maps with wider grid spacing.

Made in the USA.

How to use a UTM/MGRS protractor – MapTools


Height (Square Super GTA) 8.500 in. (216mm)
Width (Square Super GTA)6.000 in. (152mm)
Diameter (Round) 5.000 in. (127mm)
Thickness 0.030 in. (1mm)

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