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Kestrel 5700 Elite Weather Meter with Applied Ballistics and LiNK


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The Kestrel 5700 Elite is a compact weather meter and ballistic calculator all in one. The 5700 can store up to 30 gun profiles that can be easily built on the Kestrel app and transferred to the unit via LiNK Bluetooth connectivity. Once you have all your metrics input, the 5700 will build out a dope card based on your setup and current environmentals, which can be taken a step further by using the Kestrel to “true” your rifle and further hone in your muzzle velocity and ranging data. The Kestrel 5700 is also compatible with popular LRFs and other devices like the Wilcox RAPTAR-S, Envision MARS, and the Kestrel HUD. 

This device is quite complicated and has tons of functionality, so we’d definitely recommend using Kestrel’s extensive training resources and manuals. You can find those HERE.   


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  • Kestrel 5700 Elite
  • 1x AA Battery
  • User Documents
  • Protective Bag
  • Lanyard

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  • Employs the Applied Ballistics bullet library of custom drag models, an exact measurement of your bullet’s drag profile, plus corrections for Aerodynamic Jump, Spin Drift, Coriolis, and Drop Scale Factoring to achieve accurate extended long-range shots.
  • Expanded features include a customizable Target Card and an expanded Ballistics Data Table, as well as storage for up to 30 gun and bullet profiles and ten saved targets.
  • Weather mode offers the full environmental measurements, storage, and charting capabilities of the Kestrel 5500 Weather Meter, including wind speed, direction, crosswind, temperature, humidity, pressure, and altitude.
  • LiNK connectivity powered by Bluetooth provides wireless communication to mobile devices and computers and integration with LiNK-compatible laser range finders for improved speed and accuracy. (Note: LiNK Dongle sold separately)
  • Kestrel LiNK for Ballistics app on Android and iOS provides complete gun management and access to the Applied Ballistics library of custom drag models for transfer to the Kestrel.
  • Large, hi-res, hi-contrast graphic display is perfectly readable in the brightest sunlight. Includes both bright white and night-vision-preserving red backlight.
  • Choice of solution units (Mils, true MOA, Shooter’s MOA, or clicks) – works with any gun or targeting scope.
  • Rugged (drop tested to MIL-STD-810G standards), waterproof (sealed to IP67 standards).

Designed and manufactured in the USA from US and imported components.

View the user manual, how-tos, in-depth specs, and other informational content on Kestrel’s product page HERE.


Dimensions 5.0″ x 1.9″ x 1.1″
Weight4.3 oz (121g)
Waterproof RatingIP67
Shock ResistanceMIL-STD-810g, Transit Shock, Method 516.6 Procedure IV; unit only; impact may damage replaceable impeller.
Battery Life400 hours of use, reduced by backlight, alert light and buzzer, or Bluetooth radio transmission use.

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Kestrel products cannot be shipped outside of the US.

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