AERO M5 5000 Round Test

We often receive questions like “what do you think of __ gun.” While plenty of “influencers” do product reviews, many don’t test in a way that replicates actual customer use. We’re here to change that. In what is likely our most expensive media project to date, we tried to take this Aero M5 through 5,000 rounds, across multiple range days, in a way that we expect from an end-user. No mag dumping into trash, no full-auto torture tests, no random plinking, and no hand-selected products. We ran a variety of drills, including some of ours, with distances ranging from 5 meters all the way out to 700 meters with multiple setups to measure its performance and find its failure points.

The above video is proof of all 3,094 shots that we took through the rifle before its final catastrophic malfunction. Yes, we recorded every single shot as proof of our work. You can watch a full rundown and commentary of the test on our YouTube channel.

In the Loadout articles below, you will find a more detail-rich description of each configuration of the M5 as we went through the testing. They cover the what and the why of how we chose accessories for each loadout.