Wolverine Brown versus Coyote Brown

From left to right: FDE, Wolverine Brown, Coyote Brown
From left to right: FDE, T.REX ARMS Wolverine Brown, Coyote Brown

Coyote Brown is one of the most popular colors Kydex gear is produced in. It’s vibrant, nice looking, and not black. Most commercial holster companies offer any color you want provided it’s black. The good ol’ Ford business model. So when someone is able to order a custom holster, it can be a novelty to order in a color like Coyote Brown.

As nice as Coyote Brown looks, it doesn’t blend well with Multicam, regular civilian clothes, or a lot of the coyote brown nylon gear out there. It’s very orange and bright. So when we were faced with having to custom order .125 Kydex for our Ragnarok series of holsters, we decided to start exploring other color options rather than just follow tradition. What we developed is a color that is an excellent bridge between regular FDE and Coyote Brown Kydex.

While Flat Dark Earth Kydex matches pretty well with Multicam, it’s very green and bright. Bright objects don’t contrast well with gear. FDE can be seen in the image up top on the left.


Probably the biggest noticeable difference between Wolverine Brown and Coyote Brown, is how they compare against Multicam/OCP. Coyote contrasts a lot against Multicam while Wolverine blends in very nicely.

The Ragnarok is made as modular as possible
The Ragnarok is made as modular as possible
Wolverine Brown and Coyote Ragnaroks. Earth matches the Glock FDE very nicely
Wolverine Brown matches the Safariland FDE components
Wolverine Brown matches the Glock FDE very nicely


Oh yeah, and while we were custom ordering all of our .125 Kydex, we lightened the traditional OD green color of Kydex into a nice shade of Ranger Green. Traditional OD green Kydex is very dark and high contrast. So we decided to fix that at the same time with our new shade of green.

Our new Wolverine Brown and Ranger Green colors are available for all of our Ragnaroks.