Consistency, Recoil, Trigger Management With a Stock M4

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Video Transcript

Hey guys. So I've got my Colt 6940. It's got a Mil-Spec trigger, iron sights, pretty stock—obviously with the exception of some stuff going on out here—basically right now, what I'm working on is my cadence and my recoil management with this weapon. So I have a command decision target that has 6" circles, and I'm gonna be shooting each of these circles with five-ish, six-ish rounds, and I'm gonna be going for consistent speed, consistent first shot, and then obviously consistent accuracy. So just shooting a drill once, you know, can be really nice. It can make you feel really good if you execute that really fast, it looks really good, but that doesn't necessarily show what your skill actually is. Being able to execute that speed and that accuracy repeatedly and consistently that's really what matters. So I like to shoot my drills at least four times or at least six times with the same performance. So I have six circles right here. I'm going to shoot into each of them. I can then track my accuracy and obviously I'll be tracking my speed as well, using a shot timer. So I have a metric that I can see. So basic gun, five yards. We'll go six rounds.

All right. All in. That's in 1.49, first shot .73 little slow ensuring I have my sight. All in. A little to the right 1.40. First shot .67. Looks like 1.4 Splits…Ish.
Ooh, got one out there. Little bit of trigger free. So 1.54, first shot in .65. Okay. So consistent first shot, but it's not good. I have one out there on the right. All in. Was a 1.38 fastest time yet .66 first shot. So still consistent first shot split of a 1.4 split on that last one. All right. All in. I've got a couple on the edge there. 1.51. First shot .69 still consistent. Now one more. Got enough.

Stand by. All right. And that was all in. In 1.32. First shot .64. So my first shots varied in .64-ish all the way up to .71. And then my times ranged from 1.49 down to 1.32, if I remember correctly. So all in, all in. Off the side a little bit, definitely chucked the one here, all in. Consistency. Obviously I have some inaccuracy and some recoil control going on here where I'm popping everything over. Part of that's just running irons which I don't shoot a lot, but it's something that I'm gonna be working on. So Give it a shot.