Sidecar Handcuff Attachment Overview

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Video Transcript

Another attachment we have for the Sidecar system is our cuff carrier. It is a ambidextrous cuff carrier that can be run either way and cuffs can be inserted into the cuff carrier either way. It is compatible with most of the Smith and Wesson style of handcuffs. There'll be a list on the website of what is actually supported and it takes the hinged and the chain style. And the adjustable retention is gonna be a combination of this screw right here and this screw right here and this very innovative Livespring that enables you to run a whole bunch of different things. And then down at the bottom, we have this special magnet that will stop… That will stop the chain from rattling on the chain-style cuffs. And the way that you would assemble this is the same as all of the other attachments. Put the teeth together, insert the pin, the rubber retention washer. And we're good to go. If you have any questions about cuff compatibility, don't hesitate to ask our customer service team: [email protected]. And they'll be able to help you out.