T.REX KYWI Placard – 7.62 Overview

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Video Transcript

Introduction (00:01):
So, let's talk about the Esstac T.REX 7.62 Placard. It is essentially our 5.56 placard—this guy right here—only 7.62, you guessed it. It's simply bigger. It will fit your standard SR-25, AR-10 pattern style magazines, SCAR, G3. Any of those mags that are, you know, .30 caliber, and nice and fat and thick.

7.62x39 Magazines (00:27):
Now the question is, "Hey, how well do these run with 7.62x39 AK magazines?" Because when people hear 7.62, they immediately jump to AK mags. They do wobble around a little bit inside because an AK magazine is not as wide as a AR-10 pattern style magazine. So does it work? Yes, it does. 5.45 mags can be used in this one, AK mags, and the 7.62x39 can be used in these, but they will rattle and wobble a little bit. But the cool thing with these placards is because it's a Kydex-style insert, you could potentially remold it around your AK magazine or kind of, like push it in on the edges or do something funky and get it to work with your 7.62x39 magazines a little bit better. I don't necessarily recommend that, but it's something you can definitely consider.

Modifying Retention (01:08):
As far as the retention goes on these, depending on the magazine, it is going to be uber super tight, like a G3 magazine—it has lots of little like rivets and weird stuff going on on those. And so what I would recommend is if you are having issues with that, depending on what, you know, 7.62 mag you're using, consider taking the insert out and taking a hair dryer or a heat gun to the sides. It's something that I do to kind of loosen these up a little bit. And it also depends on how you're gonna be running it.

Two Setup Options (01:35):
So there's two ways that the placard can be used. You have the standard Swift Clip buckles that are included with one-wrap to set the height of the buckle inside of the rig. The one-wrap is, you know, on the inside and then you pull it looser, tighter, whatever. And if you wanna remove the buckle, all you do is pull the entire thing out, pull the buckle out, shove all the one-wrap back in, close the Kydex and you're done. Which is what I've done on this guy right here. And the reason for that is my AC1 is set up to be slick. I've removed the Swift Clip QASM buckles that are included. And all I do now is slap this sucker on.

And then my cummerbund is actually going to fasten to the front of the placard itself. What this does is it just pulls everything super tight to the body. It just feels really good. It doesn't slosh around, move around. These aren't gonna like flip up like some placards do because the cummerbund is pulling it tight to the carrier. The downside to this though is when you are doing this, depending on how tight you're wearing the cummerbund, the retention on your two side magazines is going to be tighter. Which again is why I like to loosen the Kydex so that if I am doing this, I can still get the magazine out fairly effortlessly. So with all that said, if you have any further questions on this go ahead and email us at [email protected], but let's go and shoot with this sucker.

Shooting with the Placard (03:08):
This is why you loosen the Kydex.