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Introducing the RagnarokSD for Suppressed Pistols

Glock 19 with Trijicon Suppressor sights and Gemtech Tundra

We here at T.Rex Arms are happy to announce the RagnarokSD, a new OWB holster for the easy carry and rapid deployment of suppressed handguns. The SD supports a wide variety of weapons and suppressors, and its unique shape allows a user to draw and fire the weapon in the same short vertical motion common to standard OWB holsters.

The Ragnarok SD is precision-formed from heavy-duty .125″ Kydex, and is further strengthened by structural ribs that provide a more secure grip on the Surefire X300 series weapon light. The suppressor is braced by vented Kydex arms, which can be modified by the user to support the outside diameter of any can.

While this is a passive-retention holster, with no hood, strap, or button to release the firearm, the retention is fully adjustable. The holster requires the use of an X300U or X300V weapon light, but is available for all Glocks and various Sig, M&P, HK, CZ, FN, and XD suppressor hosts.

The back of the holster features the company’s Ragnarok mounting system, which is compatible with accessories from Safariland, Bladetech, Blackhawk, G-Code, S&S Precision, and others, allowing it be run with countless quick-detach systems, paddles, and offset mounts.

Glock 19 with Trijicon Suppressor sights and Gemtech Tundra

Like all Ragnarok holsters, the SD is modular, tough, and fast. Regardless of the configuration used, the weapon can always be deployed with a drawstroke of less than 6″. It is can be ordered now in Black, Ranger Green, Wolverine Brown, Multicam Original, and Multicam Black.

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Range Day With Suppressed MCX

Last week I took my 11.5 gen 1 MCX for a spin. Since it’s outfitted with a Surefire Closed Tine flash hider, I ran my new 556 RC2.

While the MCX has an adjustable piston, I left it on the default setting and went to town. The rifle ran fine, but spat the brass very forward of the ejection port. Since this gun isn’t always suppressed, I’m leaving it on the default un-suppressed setting. I was curious to see how it would perform once a suppressor was on without changing anything.

I ran some shooting on the move reps at a decent pace. Single IPSC target at 10 yards. Moving in width firing 5-6 rounds per movement. The weapon barely recoils, so it’s pretty easy to keep everything in the A zone.

I then polished the day off with some barricade work. Shooting multiple C zone steel targets from each port to get some target transitioning done. Target transitioning while standing perfectly upright with no cover/barricade is pretty easy. Once you throw in some ports, awkward shooting positions, and wide target placement… it gets much more challenging.

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