ZEV Technologies Aluminum RMR Cover Plate

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If you’re running a ZEV Duty Slide without an optic installed, it’s best to cover the optic cut with this plate. It keeps the threads covered and keeps the top of your slide slick and contoured appropriately.


(Fast forward to 5:59 in the video to see Lucas discuss and install the ZEV RMR Cover Plate)

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One ZEV RMR Cover Plate; two Torx screws for mounting; Torx wrench

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  • Weight: 1.23 oz
  • Recommended torque: Hand tight (with the long side of the Torx wrench) or no more than 12 in/lbs.

Made in the USA.

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ZEV Technologies Duty Stripped Slide with Sights for Glock Overview – Video – T.REX ARMS

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