Thigh Strap

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A single thigh strap can make a big difference in stabilizing an offset holster, resulting in better consistency in the draw. Here at T.REX ARMS, we run our thigh straps through the bolts of a Safariland UBL mid ride mount. It works great. Give it a shot with our Ragnarok or other holsters.

Thigh Strap (Coyote Brown) with a UBL Mid Ride, QLS Receiver, and QLS Fork on a Ragnarok.
Above system shown assembled.
Thigh Strap (Ranger Green) with a RagnarokSD.
Thigh Strap (Ranger Green), UBL Mid Ride, and QLS Receiver.
Thigh Strap (Ranger Green), Ragnarok, QLS Fork, QLS Receiver, and UBL Mid Ride.
Complete system without interchangeable QLS: Thigh Strap (Ranger Green), UBL Mid Ride, and Ragnarok (Sig MK25 + X300)
M&P M.20 Ragnarok and QLS Fork, Thigh Strap (Coyote Brown), QLS Receiver, and UBL Mid Ride.

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