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If you need an extra base for replacing a worn-out one or for setting up more targets, you can pick it up here. TA Target’s signature 20″ round target base is what we use for holding both our Mini A-DAP steel targets and paper targets. It weighs enough to not tip over in the wind when we have paper targets stapled up and is beefy enough to firmly hold our steel targets upright on a 2×4″ post. The round design makes it both stable and easy to haul around the range.


One 20″ TA Target Round Base. (Note: This base may ship in multiple packages/sizes depending on your order and quantity.)

THIS IS NOT A COMPLETE TARGET SYSTEM. The complete system can be purchased here.

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This base will hold up to any spall that splashes onto it from shooting steel targets. But it will not hold up to being shot directly, as it is not a target itself.

– 20″ inside diameter.
– Weight: Approximately 25 lbs.
– Toolless design for super simple setup, yet ultra-stable.
– Designed for use with any of TA Target’s AR550 A-DAP systems.
– Includes hardware and all necessary instructions for assembly.
– Front tubes are welded to the ring and hold two furring strips, perfect for training with paper targets.
– Base not intended to withstand intentional bullet impacts.
– Do NOT shoot base with ANY steel core or penetrator ammunition.

Wear and Tear Guide

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I can make my own base for cheaper. Why would I get this?
Simple 2×4″ bases work decently well for holding paper targets. But we still prefer this because it weighs 25 lbs, which prevents it from tipping over in the wind. Plus we can use it for holding both steel and paper targets, which we often swap out depending on the course of fire or drill. Suffice it to say, this base makes life easier for us. One less thing to worry about when trying to train and practice.
Are these Made in America?
By the FTC Standards, yes they are. Though TA has much higher standards than that so they’re very up-front with where everything is sourced from. The armored plating is produced in mills in Sweden at one of, if not the, best steel facilities in the world. It’s a higher quality armor plating than American manufacturers offer, which is why they searched internationally for the best option. All manufacturing, processes, forming, fabrication, and other steps are done by TA in Pennsylvania. Technically “Made in America”… but better.

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A-DAP Instruction Manual – Tactical AR500 Targets, Inc.

Safe Shooting Instructions -Tactical AR500 Targets, Inc.

Wear and Tear Guide– Tactical AR500 Targets, Inc.

TA Targets Mini A-DAP Steel Target System Overview – Video – T.REX ARMS

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