Surefire XC1-B

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Compact pistol lights have been a holy grail of sorts to the gun community. Surefire’s original contribution to the compact weapon light arena is the XC1. The original XC1 had a number of issues that we at T.REX ARMS didn’t like. However… the new XC1, the B model: is nicely improved. Now the light can be activated with one hand, has tougher internals, and has a lumen boost to 300 lumens.

The XC1-B is activated with ambidextrous paddles. Pushing down on the paddles activates the light. Holding the paddle down will give you momentary activation. When released the light turns off. With a quick downward tap on the paddle, the light is activated constant. Your finger can be removed and the light remains on. This is essential to one-handed scans and engagements. When Surefire added intuitive constant activation, we immediately starting running the XC1 through our own tests. We believe it’s vital that a pistol light can be activated with a single hand.


Max Output — White Light 300 lumens
Tactical Runtime 45 minutes*
Length 2.375 inches
Bezel Diameter .375 inches
Weight w/Batteries 1.6 ounces
Batteries  1 AAA (Rechargeable NiMH included)
*Performance claims tested to ANSI/NEMA FL1-2009 Standard. Runtime and output will be reduced when using a lithium or alkaline battery.


XC1-B and the older model.