Surefire M600U Scout Light

Ships in 1-8 business days

The M600U from Surefire is an all-around great weapon light. It’s built to take abuse and is one of the most proven reliable weapon lights on the market. It comes ready to use on any picatinny rail right out of the box with a rear click tail cap (momentary and constant-on function), 2 CR123As, and a rail clamp mount.

It has 1000 lumens and 11,300 candela which makes it effective at close to medium range. Positive identification on a target in total darkness at 40-50 yards is about the most you can rely on. Beyond that, you can make out a target within 100 yards but the details will not be easily discernable. The beam is more flood (wide) than a spot, but great at what it does.

Max Output — White Light1000lumens
Tactical Runtime**
Beam Focus11,300candela
Batteries2123A  (included)