Spiritus Micro Fight Sub Gun Magazine Insert

Ships in 1-5 business days

Magazine shingles are indispensable additions to your chest-worn gear. But instead of using pull tabs, Velcro/snap flaps, or a hard Kydex insert, Spiritus has brought us this creative and high-quality product that utilizes elastic retention.

This insert boasts fast and easy draw and re-insertion, all the while supplying you with excellent retention and quiet action. The Magazine Insert is compatible with the Micro Fight System Chassis.

For those days you feel like rocking a sub gun, make sure you outfit your Micro Fight with a sub gun insert. These will fit MPX, Scorpion, MP5, Uzi, Colt 9mm, and Glock extendos.

MPX version on left, MP5 version on right. Both will fit a variety of other equipment.