Spiritus Micro Fight Chassis MK4

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The Micro Fight System:

The Micro Fight Chest Rig was designed to fill a specific need for responsible firearm-carrying citizens and professionals working in low-visibility operations: those who may have to respond to high threat scenarios at a moment’s notice. The Micro Fight gives you the ability to rapidly plus-up your carried equipment from your belt kit to a light fighting load in just a few seconds. Its small size also makes it perfect for stashing under your vehicle’s seat or carrying concealed in a pack.

This is the foundation of the Micro Fight Chest Rig System. All products in the Micro Fight line complement and expand the capabilities of your fighting load.

The Chassis MK4

The Chassis MK4 is an integral part of the Micro Fight System. It sports extensive modularity while remaining lightweight and straightforward. Build from heavy-duty nylon, it features two large compartments lined with soft Velcro, whith hard velcro on the outside. Add top and side 1-inch Side Release Buckles, and you’ve got a robust solution for all the gear you need.

NOTE: All straps, flaps, and inserts are sold separately. Find our options here.

Mounting Options

Placard Configuration. The Chassis can easily be adapted to fit onto plate carriers, like the LV119, using 1-Inch Side Release Buckles and a Back Strap (sold separately by Spiritus Systems). This gives you the option to maintain the same muscle memory and training value with or without ballistic protection. The MK4 can also be attached via the hard hook-and-loop on the back. To streamline the placard configuration, remove the side buckles, clip them into your cummerbund, or run the Back Strap for additional stability and retention.

Stand-Alone Configuration. As a stand-alone chest rig, add straps and flap/insert combinations to give you the most customizable chest rig on the market.

SACK accommodation. The MK4 allows the SACK Pouch to mount below, via hook-and-loop on the back.

Personalizing Your Chassis

Configurations are nearly endless when combined with the array of accessories within the Micro Fight system. Here are some ideas:

The Velcro-lined main compartment can be used to secure either our Rifle Magazine Inserts or allow use of your favorite Kydex insert.

The front compartment can be customized with a Velcro flap to contain medical gear or other mission essentials. Pistol inserts or the half flap can be utilized as well.

NOTE: We are shipping the MK4 but the images reflect the older MK3 model. The differences between the MK3 and MK4 are minimal.

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