SBL NVG Lanyard

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Lanyard systems for night vision devices are very important. There are a number of excellent ones on the market, but many of them are pricey, and it isn’t always intuitive to hook them up to your night vision device once it’s mounted to the helmet.

Since it’s generally not a good idea to store night vision attached to the helmet, we wanted a tie off that could be easily attached to the helmet once the night vision was added, and then easily removed when needed.

So we created the SBL.

SBL attached to a PVS31 battery pack while also retaining the comms cables from a set of Peltors.

The second shock cord loop can be used to create a tie-off on the NVG.
The tie-off doesn’t get in the way of the rotation of the tubes of these PVS31s.
The SBL is then looped around the tie-off and ready for use. The night vision device can be stored with the SBL pre-attached.

Even with the battery cable attached, the shock cord doesn’t interfere.

The SBL lanyard attaches to the NVG via shock cord, and the lanyard then velcros to the helmet. Fast. Simple. And the SBL can remain attached on the NVG when it’s stored. Simply attach the NVG to the mount on your helmet, and then stretch the SBL to one of the velcro panels on your helmet.

This will retain the night vision if it takes a dump from the mount, or the mount falls from the helmet. With all that said, we don’t recommend this system for HALO jumping as a dedicated tie-off. But for ground operations, it’s very effective.

The SBL also has three elastic cells on top for batteries. Which can be handy for backup AAs or CR123As.

The SBL comes with a section of adhesive velcro for the sides of helmets or the backs of battery packs.
The section of velcro fits perfectly on the back of a PVS31 battery pack.

The SBL can also be used to retain battery packs on the back of helmets. The standard velcro that comes with battery packs is NEVER enough to keep it on the helmet. An additional piece of shock cord and an adhesive velcro patch is included. Simply run the shock cord on each side of the SBL around your ear-pro mounts, and slap the velcro on the front of your battery pack.

SBL affixed to the back of the battery pack.
The shock cord loops can be tied off around ear pro adapters like these for the Peltors.

T.REX ARMS is not responsible for the misuse of this product resulting in damaged or lost equipment.

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