Quick Ship Raptor

Ships in 1-5 business days

Lead times can be unfortunate. But they’re the hard reality of the custom world. But… if you are wanting a Raptor ASAP, this particular product listing may help you. These Raptors are already made, stocked, and ready to ship within a couple days. For more information on the Raptor holster, click here.

The Glock 19 Raptor will fit a sub compact Glock (26) just fine. It will also fit a full size Glock (17) or the long slides (34/17L) with some extra slide sticking out the bottom. A Raptor Claw, IWB Quick Clip, and IWB Tuckable Clip are included with each Raptor holster.

Glock 43 Raptor.
Glock 19 and Glock 43 Raptors.

All Raptors come standard with a Raptor Claw, which you can customize to your preferred depth in order to best conceal your handgun.

Raptor Claws at three different depths.


Don’t see the options you’re looking for below? Check out our custom built-to-order Raptors.

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