Quick Ship Light-Compatible Raptor Holster

Ships in 1-5 business days
These Raptors are right-handed,
dark gray, with mid-height shirt guards,
and come with a 1.5″ quick-clip preinstalled.
They accommodate threaded barrels,
slide-profiled compensators, and slide-mounted optics.

Lead times are a hard reality of the custom world. However, if you need a Raptor holster ASAP, look no further. These Raptors are already made, stocked, and ready to ship within a few days. If you want our complete range of options, check out our built-to-order light-compatible Raptor here.

The 19-length cut will fit the full size Glock (17) or the long slides (34/17L) with some extra slide sticking out the bottom.

The Light-Compatible Raptor only works with the weapon light mounted to the firearm. For the non light-compatible version, click here.
Can you wear this holster and tuck a shirt in over it?
Yep! The shirt can be tucked behind the included Tuckable Clip. The clip will be visible over your belt.
I’m… larger. Can I wear this holster?
It’s difficult to give a simple yes or no answer to this question because everyone is a little different. However, there are lots of larger folks who use and like the Raptor. Whether or not it works for you depends on what you wear, how tight your belt is, and your personal preferences about comfort. 
How tight can this Raptor get?
While the light-compatible Raptor won’t be as tight as a regular Raptor due to the weapon light compatibility, it can still be adjusted to be pretty tight. The particular weapon light the holster is made for can also affect overall retention. Retention can also be affected by being on/off the body and under a belt; so when your Raptor arrives, be sure to test on the body and play around with the screws.
If I take the light off my pistol, can I still use this holster?
Negative. The retention of light-compatible holsters is based on the light. So if the light is not present on the pistol, there is virtually no retention and nothing prevents the pistol from sliding deeper into the holster than it should. At which point the draw is very difficult.

Ways the Light-Compatible Raptor can be adjusted:

Retention: Two screws beside the trigger guard can tightened or loosened to either add friction or click. Be sure to test this on-the-body, as belt can affect retention. Just play around with them to find that sweet spot.

Ride height: the Raptor comes with two clip options. The quick clip (pre-installed) adds stability but cannot be adjusted or allow for cant. The Tuckable Clip provided can be mounted and adjusted using the two screws below the Raptor Claw for different ride height.

Grip tuck: The pre-installed Raptor Claw can be placed in different depths on the holster, to pull the grip to or from the body, or altogether removed. If carrying elsewhere than appendix, the claw can be removed.

A Raptor Claw, IWB Quick Clip, and IWB Tuckable Clip are included with this holster.

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