Quick Ship Sidecar

Ships in 1-3 days

Don’t like waiting to have a custom holster made? Well, if you’re carrying a Glock… this might be the ticket. These Sidecars are already built, stocked, and ship within a couple of days. Only available for right-handers, though. For more details on our popular appendix rig, click here.

The 19/23/32 option is cut to Glock 19 length, but will fit a sub compact Glock (26) just fine. It will also fit a full size Glock (17) or the long slides (34/17L) with some extra slide sticking out the bottom. Threaded barrels, compensators, and slide-mounted optics are also compatible.

Don’t see the options you’re looking for below? Check out our custom built-to-order Sidecars.