Nomad Holster

Ships in 2-4 weeks

The Nomad is an effective inside-the-waistband carry solution. It features variable retention, so you can customize the draw to your exact preference, and includes mounting holes for two different attachment clips. Both of which are included. The quick-clip is set to a standard height while the tuckable clip can be moved up and down to accommodate a deeper or higher ride height. The Nomad can be cut to accommodate optics and is manufactured from .080 Kydex.

If you’re looking for a dedicated appendix carry solution, check out our Raptor Appendix Holster.

Nomad with Glock 19 + RMR. (This Nomad has an optic cut to accommodate the RMR.)
Could I wear this holster appendix?
Yes, but it’ll print a little more than our Raptor holster.
Which sweat guard height do you all recommend?
We recommend the mid guard. It helps with re-holstering, helps keep your shirt out of the holster, and once the pistol is removed it won’t jab your stomach as much as a high guard.
Can you wear this holster and tuck in a shirt over it?
Yep! If you use the tuckable clip (which is included), you can tuck your shirt between the holster and behind the clip.
If I get an optic cut, can I still use the holster for a pistol without an optic?
Yes. The optic cut means that we take away some of the Kydex above the slide to fit an RMR or similar slide-mounted optic.