Nomad Holster

Ships in 1-4 weeks

An effective inside-the-waistband carry solution, the Nomad features variable retention, so you can customize the draw to your exact preference. It includes two mounting options: the pre-installed Quick-Clip which is set to a standard height, and the more variable Tuckable Clip which can be moved up and down to accommodate a deeper or higher ride height.

If you’re looking for a dedicated appendix carry solution, check out our Raptor Appendix Holster.

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Glock 19 and Trijicon RMR with a coyote brown Nomad. To accommodate an optic, choose “Optic Cut” in options.
Can I wear this holster appendix?
Yes, but it’ll print a little more than our Raptor holster.
Can you wear this holster with a dress shirt tucked in?
Yep! The shirt can be tucked when the provided tuckable clip is installed, and the clip will be visible over the belt.
I’m… larger. Can I wear this holster?
It’s difficult to give a simple yes or no answer to this question, because everyone is a little different. However, there are lots of larger folks who use and like the Raptor Whether or not it works for you depends on what you wear, how tight your belt is, and your personal preferences about comfort. 
Which shirt guard height do you all recommend?
We recommend the mid guard. It makes it easier to re-holster, helps keep your shirt out of the holster, and when the pistol is removed it won’t jab your stomach as much as a high guard.

Different ways the Nomad can be adjusted:

Retention: Two screws below the trigger guard can tightened or loosened to either add friction or click. Be sure to test this on-the-body, as belt can affect retention.  Just play around with them to find that sweet spot.

Ride height: the Nomad comes with two clip options. The quick clip (pre-installed) adds stability and comes in two sizes, but cannot be adjusted. The Tuckable Clip provided can be mounted and adjusted using the two screws below trigger guard for different ride height.

Each Nomad comes with two clip options. The Tuckable Clip is shown installed here.

Available pattern upgrades.