Multicam Kydex Upgrade

Ships in 1-3 weeks

Use this product to upgrade your holster’s Kydex to a Multicam pattern. Both Multicam Black and Multicam Original are printed on beige Kydex, and are Crye Precision licensed. The pattern is infused into the Kydex with the same method as the Kryptek Kydex we offer.

Select “Pattern Upgrade” as your color choice on your holster, select this upgrade to match the type of holster you’re ordering, and you’re good to go! Ragnarok upgrades are now on their respective pages.

Can I change the inside color of my kydex?
The inside of the Multicam kydex is beige and cannot be changed. Raptors, Nomads, and Micro Mag Carriers are one piece, and have one color. Sidecars are two piece, and can have the front color upgraded.
Can I change how much variation I get on my pattern?
The variation in the Multicam kydex can be inconsistent and is set before we get it. Because of this, some holsters will have very little variation.
Multicam Black on Grey kydex pattern upgrade option.
Multicam Black Sidecar with Dark Grey back
Multicam Original Sidecar with Coyote Brown back