Micro Mag Carrier

Ships in 1-3 weeks

Looking for a covert way to carry extra mags? The Micro Mag Carrier was developed as an easy and comfortable option for carrying those extra magazines.

It features the ability to swap between IWB and OWB, as well as having two screws on the side for customized retention. It also has an enlarged opening for easy insertion. They are not tuckable.

The micro mag carrier is not an in-stock item. It is a custom product subject to our standard lead time.
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Glock 19 magazine in a coyote brown carrier.
How do I switch between IWB and OWB?
The provided Quick-Clip (pre-installed as OWB) can be switched between sides, by removing the two screws, washers, and posts, and re-assembling them on the opposite side.
Glock 19 + Leupold DeltaPoint in a Raptor Holster, and Glock 19 mag in Micro Mag Carrier.

minimal real estate

These mag carriers take up very little space on the belt making it very easy to carry a lot of extra mags.

iwb modularity

Each of these carriers features two holes on the front allowing the clip to be swapped for IWB carry.

adjustable retention

The two screws on the side can be tightened or loosened to the user's preference.