Micro Mag Carrier

Ships in 1-4 weeks

Looking for a covert way to carry extra mags? The Micro Mag Carrier was developed as an easy and comfortable way to carry those backup magazines.

It mounts to the belt with a single quick-clip, works inside and outside the waistband, and features adjustable retention with two screws on the side. It also has an enlarged opening for easy insertion of the magazine.

The included quick-clip is not tuckable.

The Micro Mag Carrier is a custom product subject to our standard lead time.
If you’re looking for a quick-ship OWB mag carrier, check out our versatile MARS Carrier.
To see what pattern upgrades look like, scroll to the bottom of the page.
Glock 19 magazine in a coyote brown carrier.
The single-clip design makes putting on the Micro Mag quick and easy.
How do I switch between IWB and OWB?
The provided Quick-Clip (pre-installed for OWB carry) can be switched between sides by removing the screws, washers, and posts and re-assembling them on the opposite side.
Glock 19 + Trijicon RMR in a Raptor Holster, and Glock 19 mag in Micro Mag Carrier.

Available pattern upgrades for the Micro Mag Carrier.