Kryptek Kydex Upgrade

Ships in 2-4 weeks

Use this product to upgrade your holster’s kydex to the popular Kryptek pattern. We offer the main Kryptek patterns, officially licensed by Kryptek Outdoor Group. You can view all the different Kryptek patterns here.

To add Kryptek to your holster, choose “Pattern Upgrade” as your color option when you order your holster. Then select the matching holster type on this page and add it to your cart.

Note: Kryptek Upgrade is only available for inside-the-waistband holsters: custom Sidecars, Raptors, Nomads, and Micro Mag Carriers. For orders with multiple, different upgrades, be sure to specify each match in order comments.
Can I change the inside color of my kydex?
The inside of the Kryptek kydex cannot be changed, and varies by pattern. Raptors, Nomads, and Micro Mag Carriers are one piece, and have one color. Sidecars are two piece, and can have the front color upgraded.
Kryptek Typhon on a Raptor (left), and Kryptek Raid on a Sidecar (right)

The above photos have been color-corrected to resemble as closely as possible the actual Kryptek Kydex colors.