Geissele Super Precision 1.93″ Scope Mount

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This product is regulated by ITAR. It can only be shipped in the USA.

The Super Precision 1.93″ Scope Mount was developed specifically for scenarios such as shooting while wearing a gas mask. 1.93″ is also an optimal height for the optic to clear most common range finders, lasers or IR devices such as a PEQ15.  These mounts are precision machined from a single piece of 7075-T6 high strength aluminum.

They are available in black Type 3 hard coat anodize as well as Geissele’s DDC (Desert Dirt Color) type 3 hard coat anodize. Utilizing Geissele’s update of the classic nut and bolt method, this mount will attach your optic to your weapon with 2,800 pounds of clamping force, and features 4 shear lugs for maximum rigidity and return to zero.

The Geissele 1.93 is our preferred scope mount for running and gunning with LPVOs like the Eotech Vudu and Vortex Razor HD. It allows the user’s head to be in a more upright position which is beneficial for many reasons. Only major downside to scopes in the 1.93 height is it’s a little harder to shoot in the prone. You have to strain your neck more, but it’s very doable.

What backup sights should I run with a setup like this?
An offset iron sight set is a good idea, or an offset optic like a DPro, RMR, or Aimpoint.
Is this “Standard or Extended”?
Standard. So we place these all the way at the front of the upper receiver, and with the buttstock collapsed a little (or extended all the way), we get adequate eye relief with LPVOs like the Vortex Razor and Vudu.
The 1.93 scope rings are in the “standard” configuration as compared to these other Geissele scope mounts in the Extended and Hyper Extended configuration.
We push our LPVOs all the way forward in the 1.93 mount.
Mounting the 1.93 all the way forward on the upper receiver is a pretty sure way to get good eye relief with a LPVO like the Vortex Razor HD.
Spray painted Razor HD and 1.93 mount. Dueck Defense sights as back ups.