Geissele 1.93″ Micro Aimpoint Mount

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The Super Precision T1 Series was developed specifically to work with the Aimpoint T1 and similarly mounted red dot optics. These mounts are precision machined from a single piece of 7075-T6 high strength aluminum. This particular mount puts the optic at 1.93″ height.

Utilizing Geissele’s update of the classic nut and bolt method, this mount will attach your red dot to your weapon with 1,400 pounds of clamping force, and features 3 shear lugs for maximum rigidity and return to zero.

Get the Aimpoint T2 or CompM5.

1.93 height is perfect for maintaining a solid sight picture while wearing a respirator.

The 1.93″ height puts the shooter’s head higher on the gun, which makes these particular mounts useful when running respirators, night vision, or when you want maximum situational awareness and minimal neck fatigue. Other mounts exist on the market that put the optic even higher on the gun. We’ve found some of those are almost too high, preventing any form of cheek weld, which means it’s harder to index consistently and you lose some recoil management capability. We’re big fans of 1.93.

Are irons visible through the optic?
No. That’s one of the problems with a 1.93 height optic. This is why the T2 is important for this application. It’s an extremely reliable optic with good battery life.
How does this setup compare to an optic on a standard 5/8 riser?
1. It’s a lot lighter. 2. It’s a good height. An absolute co-witness or lower 1/3 mount on a 5/8 riser is pretty tall. Like 2.1″ or more.
Does the optic return to zero?
If the mount is added to the same rail section with the same torque (or very close) to how you originally zeroed it, yes.

Mounted to a CQBR.