Belt Loop Pair

Ships in 1-15 business days

Belt loops are a simple way to carry a holster or a rifle mag carrier outside-the-waistband. They are the lowest-profile way to carry a Ragnarok, and come in two loop sizes: 1.5″ and 1.75″.

Includes hardware for mounting to a Ragnarok.
If ordered with a Ragnarok, Light-Compatible Ragnarok, or MARS Rifle Mag Carrier we will install them for you so your gear is ready to roll right out of the box. If you are ordering other attachments and want one of them installed instead of the belt loops, please specify that in your order notes.
How do belt loops compare to other mounting options?
We have a quick overview of all the mounting solutions we offer HERE, detailing what each one provides.
1.5″ belt loops on a MARS Rifle Carrier and a Glock+APLc Ragnarok
1.75″ belt loops on a Glock+X300U Ragnarok

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