Streamlight TLR-9 Pistol Light

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The TLR-9 is a longer, more powerful version of the TLR-7A. It comes with both the HIGH and LOW switch options making it one of the easiest pistol lights to activate while shooting one-handed and without breaking a two-handed grip. Plus, it’s tough and clocks in at 1000 lumens with moderate candela and a 1.5 hour battery run time on two CR123 batteries.

We believe the ability to activate a white light on a weapon is the most important upgrade one can have and it’s critical to be able to activate the light without significantly altering your grip while shooting. The high switch option on the TLR-9 allows for that. Included in this package is the TLR-9, two CR123A Lithium Batteries, High & Low Switches, and mounting inserts to ensure proper fit with your pistol. It will protrude past the muzzle of a G17 but will be flush with a G34.

Output — White Light1,000 / 10,000lumens / candela
Weight w/ Batteries4.26ounces
Batteries2CR123A Lithium
*Continuous hours until output drops to 10% of normal output
What is the difference between Lumens and Candela? Which is more important?
The number of lumens a light has can be very deceiving. Though high lumen counts are often thrown out by manufacturers to sell lights, higher lumens doesn’t always translate to brighter light. Simply put…

Lumens is the total amount of light emitted.
Candela is how far and tightly focused the light is thrown onto a target.

Lumens is important, but Candela is king when it comes to identifying targets. Lumens can light up a room (flood light), but candela can light up the details on a particular object (throw light).
Where can I find comparison photos between this and other pistol light options?
Currently, nowhere. We’re working on producing that though.
What environment is this light most effective in?
Indoors and close/medium range (Less than 60yards).
At mid range (60 yards approximately) you can still see a target, but it will be difficult to identify features.

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