Spiritus Systems LV119 OVERT Plate Carrier

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The LV119 OVERT Plate Carrier is a high-quality modular system for hard armor. A 3” x 5” Velcro patch is sewn onto the front for IR identifiers and patches. The front bag is set up to run either slick or with a placard. Simply attach the included 1” ITW NEXUS hardware buckles to the hidden webbing loops and attach your LV Placard, Micro Fight Chest Rig, or other placard.  Behind the front bag is a “Map Stasher” pouch. This makes it easy to stow thin and commonly-used items such a map or VS-17 marking panel.

This LV119 Overt Plate Carrier package includes the front and rear bags, size 1 Cummerbund (which fits waists up to 42″), two slick shoulder covers, and a pair of ITW Nexus buckles.

The LV119 DOES NOT come pre-assembled. You set it up based on your body type and sizing preferences. Click here for setup instructions.
The LV119 also DOES NOT include soft or hard armor. We recommend the Hesco 3810 or L210 SAPIs.

AVAILABLE UPGRADES: Size 2 CummerbundMini strapShoulder PadsSACKTourniquet holderLV PlacardMicro Fight Chassis

Every LV119 kit includes a size 1 cummerbund, front and rear plate bags, low-pro shoulder pads, and the two ITW buckles to attach placards to the front of the carrier. Click here for setup instructions.
LV119 Overt with the Micro Fight Chassis, 556 Rifle Mag insert, Half flap, and mag stowed in the cummerbund.

Plate Fitment — The carrier was designed to snugly fit United States Standard Issue SAPI cut plates. The bags were built to accommodate “thicker” plates but they will NOT fit any plates that are not cut to SAPI Spec. Basic specs:
Medium – 10″ x 12.5″
Large – 10.25″ x 13.25″
Thickness – MAXIMUM of 1.20″

Each Rear bag can accept zipper-based attachments that Spiritus Systems will be releasing in the future.
Cummerbund is secured to Plate Carrier using the included shock cord, woven between the two.
ITW Buckles are easily removed and installed.
Every LV119 we sell includes the Size 1 Cummerbund, which will fit most people. If your waist measurement is 42″ or greater, we suggest going up to the Size 2 Cummerbund.
What is the difference between the OVERT and COVERT LV119 plate carriers?
There are several. The OVERT rear bag can accommodate backpack attachments and the COVERT cannot. The OVERT has molle panels on the front bag, the COVERT is slick except a small hook/loop area. The OVERT has shoulder loops which help accommodate comms cables or a hydration hose and the COVERT is slick. Ultimately, they function similarly but the OVERT is a bit more modular and the COVERT is slicker for a more minimalist setup.
I’m a skinny guy, will a medium fit me?
Yes. If you opt for size small SAPI plates, those will still fit in the medium. Additionally, padding the plate can help it fit in the carrier better. Level IIIA inserts or trauma pads can help too.
Is there any way to attach gear to the back of the Overt?
Yes, some packs can be attached to the rear nylon loops. Zipper pack options are coming from Spiritus as well.
Can I run other brands of placards on the LV119?
Yes, the Velocity and HSP placards are compatible since they use the same SwiftClip specs.
Meridian Defense Krink with an LV119 Overt, kitted up with a Micro Fight Chassis, 762 Rifle Mag insert, IR Flag Patch, and a Half Flap.
Overt + Micro Fight Chassis + Two Half Flaps + SACK Pouch
Overt + LV Placard
Hesco 3810 Small plate with the Overt equipped with the LV Placard and IR Flag Patch.
Overt with LV Placard and IR Flag Patch.
Overt with Micro Fight Chassis + 556 Rifle Mag Insert + Half Flap + Double Pistol Mag Insert.

Made by Spiritus Systems in the USA.

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