Modlite Weapon Light

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The weapon light industry has been dominated by one or two major companies for the past decade. That is, until now. Enter Modlite Systems – the new kids on the block with superior weapon lights in both form and function. With several light-head and body options, the user can craft the perfect light for the task at hand.

This package includes one 5700K Cool White Light Head, one Body, one appropriately sized rechargeable battery, and a battery charger.

There are two options for Light Heads:
Distance (OKW-576) – Tight beam at long distance, minimal flood. Excellent for an extreme hotspot on targets up to 100 yards (further distances are possible). 680 Lumens / 69,000 Candela.
Flood (PLHv2) – Moderately tight beam at short/medium distance, moderate flood. Excellent for targets within 75 yards or indoors. 1,350 Lumens / 54,000 Candela. The V2 is a step up from the V1 in that it has significantly more throw without sacrificing much flood.

There are two options for bodies:
Big (18650)
– 75-minute runtime on a fully charged 18650 battery. Length: 4.5 inches (head included)
Small (18350) – 35-minute runtime on a fully charged 18350 battery. Length: 3 inches (head included)
*Body size does not affect lumens/candela. It only affects battery life. Light head will perform identically regardless of body size.

A tail-cap option and rail attachment IS NOT INCLUDED. You will need to purchase those items separately HERE. All Scout-style tail caps and rail attachments are compatible.
We highly advise you to read this entire page before purchasing anything.
Education on this subject is paramount to making the choice that best fits your needs.
Various light head options (Left to Right): Flood (PLH-932), Distance (OKW-576), and IR Head (IR850-113).
The size of the light head is the same – only the function varies. Ultra clear BOROFLOAT lens allows 98-99% light transmittance.
Body options: Small (18350) and Big (18650). Fit Scout mounts and Surefire / Arisaka tail-cap options.
6061 Series Alum bezel with Mil-Spec Hard Anodizing.
Various Modlite configurations. Tail cap + Pressure Pad host caps available here. Legos for lumen junkies. Legos built like tanks.
What is the difference between Lumens and Candela? Which is more important?
The number of lumens a light has can be very deceiving. Though high lumen counts are often thrown out by manufacturers to sell lights, higher lumens doesn’t always translate to a brighter light. Simply put…

Lumens is the total amount of light emitted.
Candela is how far and tightly focused the light is thrown onto a target.

Lumens is important, but Candela is king when it comes to identifying targets. Lumens can light up a room (flood light), but candela can light up the details on a particular object (throw light).
How does Modlite compare to a Surefire weaponlight?
We prefer Modlites because they tend to be more well-rounded and effective. Surefire lights are almost entirely flood. They have a high lumen output, but a very low candela (throw). For this reason, both the Distance (OKW) and Flood (PLH) Modlite options are visibly brighter than any Surefire light, specifically the M600DF.

The Modlite Distance/OKW has a candela that is 400% greater than the M600DF. This means that even though the OKW has half the lumens, it is much brighter on target than the M600DF because of the tightness of the lightbeam.

The Modlite Flood/PLH has the same number of lumens as the M600DF, but still has a higher candela. The result is a hotspot on a target and flood light around the target.

The one thing the M600DF does better than Modlites is flood and that’s because it’s almost entirely flood – creating an even dispersal of 1500 lumens across a very broad area with very little noticeable hotspot.

As far as durability is concerned – Surefire and Modlite are both tanks backed by a lifetime guarantee.

Mid Range Comparison

The following comparison shots were taken at a mid-range distance. Measurements are as follows (approximately):
40 yards, shooter to berm.
38 yards, shooter to targets.
5 yards, shooter to doorway.
8 yards, start of left wall to end of right wall.

Long Range Comparison

The following comparison shots were taken at a long-range distance of approximately 100 yards from the shooter to the target.

Can I buy just the light head or just the body?
Not from us, at this time. You can buy individual parts through Modlite.
Only use the batteries specifically designed for the Body you choose. Putting a 18350 battery in the Big 18650 body can destroy the light and even result in fire. Using CR123s in either body won’t work and can destroy your light. Don’t do it. Unless you just want to see the world burn.