Modlite ModButton Lite

Ships in 1-8 business days

A major problem with the current tape switches on the market is that they limit the power needed to unlock the full potential of current and future weapon lights. For example, Surefire Scout pressure pads limit the output of Modlite weapon lights by 15-20%. The ModButton Lite fixes that issue, giving you full candela and lumens, and in a minimalist package to minimize the bulk on your top rail.

This Lite variant is a smaller, lighter version of the original ModButton. Same minimalist design and momentary only activation, but with a smaller footprint and without the integrated light mount. Still very durable and reliable. The switch is made from injection-molded plastic, fully seated to be flush with the rest of the switch. The package includes the switch PIC mounting rails and mounting hardware only no tail cap is supplied.

The LIGHT ModButton Lite is compatible with all Modlite, Surefire, and Arisaka Scout style bodies, as well as the Surefire UE and DS00 tail caps. If you still want constant-on capability, this is best paired with a Surefire DS00 tail cap.

The LASER Modbutton Lite is compatible with PEQ15 (ATPIAL-C, LA5, etc), DBAL, MAWL™ and Wilcox RAIDx lasers.